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    Conduct a comparative assessment of how well the author fulfilled (or not) steps 1-3 of the S&B model.

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    Conduct research study of "Building Pathways to Success for Low Skill Adult Students." "utilizing Steps 1-3 of Sekaran and Bourgie model. The focus of the analysis should be on the research process, not as much on the research content itself.

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    Steps of Research Analysis
    The research "Building Pathways to Success for Low Skill Adult Students" describes the lack of skills in the adult student and also gives the roadmap for the educators to better serve the low-skill adult students in their career path after the completion of study courses. In the context of this research, the three steps of "Sekaran and Bourgie" research model steps can be useful for the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) to analyze the study system of community colleges along with the building pathways and its success for the low skill adult students:

    Step 1: The first step of "Sekaran and Bourgie" model focuses on the process of observation that is helpful to find out the exact reason of low skill and its impact on the society by the help of its effectiveness. This step generally focuses on the used procedures and processes by that the community colleges are improving the different kind of students' skills (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010). The observation process of research helps the researcher to develop broader philosophy in the context of students' skills that facilitates the researcher to observe the used process or applied roadmap that causes the lack in the skill of adult student at different level of education that increases the unemployment.

    Observation is an essential step that allows the researcher for the collection of data related to education system and procedures and its impact on the skill of students. Then, it can be used in the further stages of research process (Khalid, Hilman & Kumar, 2012). This process defines ...

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    The solution conducts a comparative assessment of how well the author is fulfilled.