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    How Confident are you to win your fantasy League

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    Write a synopsis of the critical information found in the article while generating 3 questions about the article.

    The synopsis should at least include details regarding the:

    - Main theme/purpose
    - Research questions/Hypotheses
    - Background literature to support research
    - Methodology
    - Results/Discussion (i.e., conclusions drawn by the author(s) and important points made by the author(s)
    - Significance of study/future areas of study
    - Your assessment of how the information would be relevant to a sport management professional and academicians (research and managerial implications)

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    Main theme/purpose

    The Main Theme-To test the illusion of control theory

    Alternative themes and purposes- to determine the factors of winning expectancy of a virtual fantasy sport; to identify the success factors of incorporating monetary incentives and to differentiate the effectiveness of engaging in fantasy sport consumption as opposed to television consumption.

    - Research questions/Hypotheses:

    ? H1-Perceived sport knowledge will have a positive effect on winning expectancy.
    ? H2-Perceived case of use of a dfantasy sport website will have a positive effect on winning expectancy.
    ? H3-Perceived enjoyment of fantasy sport will have a positive effect on winning expectancy.
    ? H4- Participants' winning expectancy will have a positive direct effect on time and monetary involvement managing their fantasy sports team.

    Additional questions:

    ? Does the time participants engage in fantasy sport consumption contribute to a participants overall winning expectancy?
    ? Does a participants' illusion of control hinder their probability of winning or effectively competing?
    ? Does monetary incentives heighten a participants uncertain outcome of winning expectancy?

    - Background ...

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    How confident are you to win your fantasy leagues are determined by the expert.