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Master and Margarita by Bulgakov

This posting offers examples of how fantasy is used to make social, psychological, and political satires within the text.

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Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita utilizes fantasy to explore the alienation of the self from both self and society. Although the text embodies three levels or contexts, there is a definite fantastic level. For example, Bulgakov employs the devil as a fantastical character. In addition to the devil, the use of the large black cat also figures into the fantasy genre. These fantasy figures display the strong sense of alienation of self from society during the Communist regime. The use of the devil, Woland, seems to show how Russians were alienated from society, particularly in the form of religious freedom.

Fantasy is also used by Bulgakov to reflect what is bizarre, incomprehensible and absurd about everyday reality. For example, he examines man's control (or ...

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The role of fantasy is depicted within this text is determined. How fantasy is used to make social, psychological and political satires within the text is discussed.