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Statistics: MLB - Salaries vs number of wins

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I need assistance with locating four scholarly articles, summarizing them and discussing the significance and relation to the question â??Is there a correlation between the playerâ??s salaries and the number of winsâ? for each article.

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Statistics: MLB - Salaries vs Number of Wins

Kesenne, S. (2010). The Financial Situation of the Football Clubs in the Belgian Jupiler League: Are Players Overpaid in a Win-Maximization League? International Journal of Sport Finance, 5 (1), 67-72.

Five of the eighteen clubs in Jupiler league, Belgian's first-division league, have been consistently losing money season after season or even have negative equity which means that the club's total liabilities are much more than their total assets. Kesenne (2010) observed that a majority of the Jupiler league clubs "tend to overpay their players or to hire talents beyond their means" (p. 68). Nevertheless, it appears that the season revenues of these clubs are positively affected by the whole market size of the league and the winning percentage of the team.
This shows that a club pursuing a win-maximization strategy as opposed to profit-maximization will tend to offer higher salaries to players with a history of above average win percentage.
However, Kesenne (2010) conclude that the cause of the financial difficulties of the clubs comprising Belgian's Jupiler ...

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The expert examines MLB statistics to examine salaries versus number of wins.

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I am not sure of which test to use as i am never sure no matter how much i read the text. secondly what functions in excel and megastat do I use?

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