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    Find Percentage from Normal Distribution

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    Calculate the % of a 9-inning MLB games resulting in 5 or fewer hits.

    An analysis was done to study the odds of # of hits in MLB for all 9 inning MLB Games played b/w 1960-2005. The distribution of hits/9-inning is approximately normal w/mean of 7.52 & std of 1.10.

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    The words "approximately normal" are a clue that we need to use z-scores. The z-score formula is

    z = (x - mean) / st. dev.

    In this problem, we have the following values:

    x = 5
    mean = 7.52
    st. dev. = 1.10

    If we plug ...

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    This solution shows how to calculate the % of MLB games that result in 5 or fewer hits, using statistics.