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    Getting started with a data set

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    Please explain how to go about setting up a research question for the attached data file on baseball salaries and wins.

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    • Identify a research issue, opportunity, or problem from one of the data sets available on your student website (attached) . The data should consist of at least 30 or more observations of ratio or interval scale data from one of the provided data sets. This issue or problem will serve as the basis for this and subsequent
    You've told me you want to investigate the relationship between salary and number of games won. Looking at your data file, you only have average player salary for about half of the teams, so it probably makes sense to talk about the salary of each team (variable X6) and look at how it relates to number of games won by each team (variable X7).

    • Prepare a 1,050- to 1, 750-word paper describing your selected research issue or problem.
    This will be something that you'll have to do. You'll want to really explain why this issue is important and interesting to investigate. You mentioned earlier that you were interested in looking at salary caps; this might be a relevant consequence to bring up. For example, it might be good to discuss the possibility of implementing salary caps for players (which would translate into lower team salaries), especially if you find that there's not a very strong relationship between team salary and wins (with the thought that players may play just as well with small salaries as with large salaries). Alternatively, it's possible that you could find a strong positive relationship between salary and wins (meaning that as team salary increases (implying that players' salaries increase), wins increase). If that's the case, you could discuss the risks of salary caps, since they could lead players to be less motivated to do a 'good job', thus leading to fewer wins for the team.

    That being said, if all teams have salaries capped similarly, we might not see any differential effects of capping, since salaries would simply top out at a lower level but the relative salaries would remain similar to what they are now (i.e. highly desirable players would still make more than less desirable players).
    In any case, you'll want to explain here what the issue is that you're investigating and why you think it's relevant. Since this appears to be for a business statistics course, you may want to make ...

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    Explains the steps taken to identify a research question from a data set, including identification of variables and scales of measurement.