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Commanding Officer Response To Soldier's Security Breach

One of your Soldiers leaves a thumb drive in their computer overnight. There is critical information on the thumb drive. The next day the Soldier arrives back in the section and finds that the thumb drive is missing. As army leader, what actions should you take?

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This is a common sense problem that requires identifying and addressing the damages caused by the loss. The first question to ask is exactly what information was lost? If it was about military operations and logistics that could fall into enemy hands, then you, as a CO, would need to instantly assess the potential cost of proceeding with those operations. Would the lost information set your troops up for an ambush? Your choices in this case would be to stop the operation from proceeding or possibly anticipate the ambush and restructure the operation to look ...

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This solution details the possible actions that a commanding officer should take in the event that one of his/her soldiers lost sensitive information that was in their keep. This is a mental exercise in how to respond to a difficult probelm that offers no perfect solution.