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    Most major corporations, as well as government agencies, have an online presence for organizational and product information, marketing, sales, communication, and customer loyalty. Balancing effective marketing, sales, and communication with security is a major challenge. An organization's Web site also has a privacy/security policy and uses programs tools designed to protect those who visit the site and put in their information. However, numerous accounts of minor to serious security breaches are reported each year.
    Select a major corporation that markets and sells through its Web site and which has experienced a security breach in the past three years.
    1. Describe and evaluate a major corporation's Website in these four areas: (1) product information, (2) corporation's contact information, (3) customization of products for customers, and (4) customer information at purchase.
    2. Describe and evaluate three (3) of the corporation's Internet marketing strategies and the competitive advantages its Website provides.
    3. Analyze and evaluate the corporation's privacy / security policy and the corporation's response to the security breach.
    4. Recommend and provide rationale for two (2) methods and/or tools to ensure greater security for customers.
    5. Use a minimum of three (3) quality external resources from the last three (3) years to support the content of the paper.

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    Running Head: SECURITY BREACH

    Security Breach faced by Sony Corporation

    In the global marketplace, to attract the customers and provide relevant information to the customers, internet is used by most of firms as a promotional tool. In this, web-sites, social networking sites, etc. are used by the firms to communicate with the customers. Although, many security tools and techniques are used by the firms to secure the data of firm and customers, yet, some security breaches are also faced by the firms due to technical advancement. For this paper, Sony Corp. is selected that has faced security breach. Sony Corporation is a multinational firm that operates its business in global market and belongs to Japan and produces electronic products for the customers (Sony Corp. Info, 2011). There will be discussion about products information, contact information, internet marketing strategies, privacy policy of the firm, etc.
    Evaluation of Website
    Sony Corporation provides whole relevant information on the website of the firm about its products, services, etc (Sony Corp. Info, 2011). Areas that are evaluated for the firm are as follow:
    Product information: Sony Corporation has developed its website effectively that attracts the customers to purchase products. The firm provides all relevant information about the products on its website. Additionally, the firm also has made a list of its products that includes various categories of products that are offered by it (Electronic support, 2011).
    Corporation contact information: The firm provides all relevant contact information about its stores and company to make it easy for the customers to connect with the firm every time. It also makes attractive and valuable information of the firm on its website. To find any nearer location for purchasing the products, the firm also provides sufficient information about it (It appears you are visiting Sony.com from outside the United States, 2011).
    Customization of products for customers: On the web-site of Sony Corporation, the firm provides information about the customization of products for customer. In this, information about the service technician to solve the problems of customer is also provided by the firm to ensure proper handling of the products for its customers (Premium Services, 2011).
    Customer information at purchase: The firm provides privacy and security to the customers' information at purchase. Additionally, the firm also keeps record of the information of customers at purchase. Extra benefits are also provided by the firm for frequent purchasing (Sony Corp. Info, 2011).
    So, these areas are effectively promoted and targeted by Sony Corporation on its web-site to attract the customer.
    Internet marketing strategies
    Various internet marketing strategies are used by Sony Corporation to communicate with the customers about the products. Following internet ...

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