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Indenty Theft: whose Fault is it, Corporations or Individual

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Whose fault is identity theft the consumer of the corporation?

It seems like the consumer is always left with fixing the problem, and making oneself aware of how to protect oneself instead of thinking about how much corporations and government agencies help create identity theft. Indeed some banks and stores have ways of helping the consumer, but it still rests on your knowing where your money is!
This is not fair, and it's not so easy to prove your case sometimes, even if you know you didn't buy those plane tickets and all those electronics on your VISA card!

I found a few consumer group websites that might give more info:
and this, very good sources:

Although I believe Identity Theft is created by corporations, it looks like the Individual is left to pick up the pieces and protect themselves. Corporations and banks have gotten better in dealing with these events, but the amount of private info that is available to hack, all seem to be based in mismanagement and then damage control.

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Hello. Here are some ideas to help determine who is responsible for Identity Theft:


Started the whole plastic card/payment concept
Send out several credit offers in the mail with partially private information
Health insurance companies also send private info in the mail
Dept stores and other businesses can be places where employees of these can steal your info
Social Security sends information in the mail with your info
Online businesses get hacked, but that might be an individuals fault if they keep a credit card number in their databases
Banks ...

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Corporations and Individuals both need to protect information. Consumers trust Banks and other Corporations with their information, and their money. Corporations have gotten better in handling the problem, but it still is left in the hands of the consumer to make sure no one steals their private information and Identity.