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Data Set and Specific Number of Observations

1.) Suppose you have a data set with 100 observations. All 100 data points have values over 1,000. The mean and the median are the same. Now you change the datapoint with the lowest value from a value of 1,001 to a value of 4. Now you recalculate the mean and median. Compared to the mean, the median will now be:
A) cant tell
B) the same
C) lower,
D) higher

2.) Suppose you have data that shows the number of health code violations for all food processing facilities in 1950 and 2007. You notice that the total number of violations per facility has increased. You want to see if the poorest facilities are getting poorer at the same rate that the best facilities are getting poorer. In other words, are the poorest facilities pulling away from the pack in terms of getting a disproportionately larger number of violations than they used to get. What statistic would be useful to you in making this comparison?
A) W " normal
B) Z " test
C) Gini statistic
D) T statistic

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1. Definitely mean should decrease -- because, sum of all data values will decrease.
Median will remain same -- ...

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