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    World Rice Production Analysis

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    Discuss the future of world rice production. Specifically, discuss the production and consumption of that commodity from a global perspective.

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    The Future of Rice Production and Consumption

    Rice is the fundamental principal food for about half of the world's population, and it supplies 20% of the calories consumed worldwide. Rice consumption increases with population (Kubo and Purevdorj (2004).

    The world's top ten rice producing countries as reported in the Maps of the World (2012) are China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, and Japan.

    The challenge for the future would be the issue of how to increase rice production to ...

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    The solution discusses the production of rice in the world. A guide analysis on rice production and consumption is shown in the attached 4-page file. Additionally, this solution includes four reference sources for further investigation on the subject of global rice production.