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    Marketing Plan for a Product

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    Choose a company, a product/service that a company would launch, and a specific geographic area to do that. Develop a Marketing Plan. Develop the situational analysis, the market analysis, competition analysis and SWOT matrix.

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    Marketing Plan
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    The company chosen is Monsanto Company.
    The product that Monsanto will launch is Nemaresist. These are rice seeds that can defend themselves against root-knot nematode infections. These infections cause root knot galls and these drain the plant's photosynthate and nutrients. There is complete loss of yield when the infections take place in young plants whereas mature plants if infected result in reduced yields. Nemaresist by Monsanto will be able to defend themselves against root-knot nematode.
    The specific area where Nemaresist would be launched is the states of Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas. These are the states where there is sizeable production of rice.

    For situational analysis, we conduct Porter's Five Force analysis. Monsanto faces relatively low competition in the internal market because it will be able to get patent protection for Nemaresist. There is medium supplier power because Monsanto requires talented researchers and scientists. Developing and launching Nemaresist means a commitment to extensive R&D investment. However, the market from which Monsanto gets its inputs does not have strong bargaining power. The buyer power for Nemaresist is low. Nemaresist is important to customers and the customer currently does not have any choice. The threat of substitutes is also low. There are no easily ...

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