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    data collection tool

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    Design or outline a data collection tool (ie. Sampling, focus group, etc) for a familiar organization. Be sure to provide a short description of the tool and the rationale that supports your tool selection and the data you are seeking to obtain.

    APA with references.

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    The Data Collection Tool

    The Interview

    The Interview is always a great data collection tool of vast amounts of information and knowledge. The design of the interview can be one-on-one or group-to-one. The purpose of the interview is to collection information such as statistics, ideas, opinions, views, and experiences. It works well with a group of at least 16 participants and can be expanded to even more depending on the organization or topic. From the group, it is good to take the individuals and group them together with similar views and then also to group them together with dissimilar views.

    The purpose to fulfill with a data collection tool such as interviewing is:

    â?¢ Acquiring knowledge on specific related topics
    â?¢ Collecting data
    â?¢ Analyzing statistics and ideas
    â?¢ Communicating about what makes sense and does not make sense
    â?¢ Structuring ideas and elaborating on them
    â?¢ Thinking
    â?¢ Producing information that can be discussed and ...

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