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    Reliability and Validity of Data Collection

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    Discuss why you need to be aware of the reliability and validity of the data collection tool that you are using in the quantitative research project.
    Discuss why you want to ensure the reliability and validity of the data collection tool that you are using in a qualitative research project.

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    The basis of reliability and validity of a data collection tool is to ensure that the interpretation of the data is accurate and that the tool could be used for another population. A collection tool cannot be valid unless it is also reliable.

    Probably the most used example is that of a scale. Using a particular scale, you weigh yourself each day and find that it adds 2 lbs to your weight. It would be reliable, as it is consistently giving the same weight range, but it would not be valid because it is not accurate. So, when you use a tool you need to ensure to the audience that the method has both qualities to verify that your interpretation is ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of validity and reliability of data collection methods relative to qualitative analysis. Simple examples are given and discussion on how to evaluate a research tool's validity and reliability.