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Music as a motivator for gifted students

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RESEARCH TOPIC: What are the benefits of using music for talented and gifted students as an instructional tool?

create an outline of the procedures or methods of your research design proposal. Include a step-by-step description of research design, the participants, instruments, and what will be done to collect and analyze the data. Include in your discussion how you will determine the validity and reliability of data collection tools


Define the procedures or methods of your design proposal
Include step-by-step description of the research design
Describe the participants in the research study
Describe the instruments you will utilize
Describe how you determined the chosen instruments validity/reliability
Describe how you will collect the data
Describe how you will analyze the data
Appropriate length 5-8 pages
Sources appropriate/APA style
Paper Format/Mechanics

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When teaching and gifted and talented students teachers should look for ways to keep them motivated to learn and challenged. Using music as an instructional tool is useful because music can be motvational and relevant to their lives. In order to provide evidence of the benefits of using music for gifted and talented students as an instructional tool a comparative study can be done in which the same lesson can be done with 2 groups of gifted and talented students. One lesson would use ...

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When a teacher has a group of gifted and talented students he/she needs to keep them motivated and challenged to learn. Music is an excellent instructional tool for this purpose. The following solution states the benefits of using music as an instructional tool as well as an outline of a research design proposal of a comparative study proving the benefits of using music as an instructional tool for gifted and talented students.