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    Giftedness and Educational Programs

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    What is giftedness and why should gifted education be supported?

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    1. There are many definitions for giftedness. They all have one element in common: A gifted person is someone who shows, or has the potential for showing, an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas of expression.

    2. Some of these abilities are very general and can affect a broad spectrum of the person's life, such as leadership skills or the ability to think creatively. Some are very specific talents and are only evident in particular circumstances, such as a special aptitude in mathematics, science, or music. The term giftedness provides a general reference to this spectrum of abilities without being specific or dependent on a single measure or index. It is generally recognized that approximately five percent of the student population, or three million children, in the United States are considered gifted.

    3. A person's giftedness should not be confused with the means by which giftedness is observed or assessed. A parent, teacher's or student's recommendation, a high mark on an examination, a high IQ score, is not giftedness; they may be a signal that giftedness exists. Some of these indices of giftedness are more sensitive than others to differences in the person's environment. NAGC does not subscribe to any one theory of the nature of human abilities or their origins. We assert that there are children who demonstrate high performance, or who have the potential to do so, and that ...

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    This solution explains the concept of 'giftedness' in education and why gifted education programs should be supported. Supplemented with an informative diagram.