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Select a person with special needs that you find interesting and research the person's special learning need using online research.

Visit: http://www.ldonline.org/firstperson and read about how these people have overcome their learning obstacles.

Select a person with special needs that you find interesting and research the person's special learning need using ProQuest. Choose from the following special needs areas:

* Learning disabilities
* Physical disabilities
* Traumatic brain injury
* Autism
* Severe mental retardation
* Multiple disabilities
* Hearing impairments
* Visual impairments
* Severe emotional disorders
* Gifted and talented
* English Language Learners

Please assist with comprehensive paper that

* Describes the person you selected and why you selected him/her.
* Defines and describes the details of the special learning needs.
* Describes how you encountered the special need in your current position.
* Describes the common characteristics seen in persons with these special learning needs.
You must cite a minimum of 5 resources that you found in ProQuest and used in your paper.

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Students with Special Needs

I have always been fascinated with people who have above average intelligence. Gifted and talented people, especially those musically inclined, have always fascinated as I have always find music a very complex subject. Hence, I have decided to do a paper on my neighbor's six year old daughter who had started exhibiting extraordinary gift in music when she was but a year old. Let's call the daughter Annie.
Annie is a very gregarious child. She plays Beethoven like a seasoned pianist and plays Bach like she was born for his music. When I asked her parents on how they discovered her gift, they told me a very interesting story. Few days before Annie's first birthday, her Aunt, who was trained in classical music, who had just came home from a year sabbatical in Europe, brought home with her a piano. When Annie and her parents visited the aunt, and while the parents and the aunt were catching up on family gossip among others and at the same time, the Aunt were showing the CDs she brought with her and playing some, Annie's baby sitter amused the child by sitting her on the piano seat. One moment, they were playing Beethoven's 5th Symphony when the piano intruded echoing the music. To their amazement, Annie was tinkering ...

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