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Use of Surveys in Health Care

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A) I need to research a questionnaire, survey, or test that may be applied to a project. Why was it selected as an evaluation tool?

B) What data can be expected or obtained through this method of data collection and how will it be used to support a proposed change?

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A) The survey questionnaire in which respondents can provide their opinions or feelings about certain questions on a scale of 1 to 5, is an evaluation tool that is highly effective in gathering pre-program implementation, and post-program implementation, qualitative data concerning the opinions of a sampling pool regards to a given program etc. By utilizing a scaled response, this form of survey questionnaire will also help to evaluate the scale or intensity of the respondents opinions concerning a given program, due to the fact that an answer of one would indicate a low level of satisfaction with a given program or initiative, and an answer of five would indicate an extreme level of satisfaction with a given program or initiative. This methodology was also selected as an evaluation tool due to the fact that ...

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