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Use of Surveys in Health Care

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A) I need to research a questionnaire, survey, or test that may be applied to a project. Why was it selected as an evaluation tool?

B) What data can be expected or obtained through this method of data collection and how will it be used to support a proposed change?

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A) The survey questionnaire in which respondents can provide their opinions or feelings about certain questions on a scale of 1 to 5, is an evaluation tool that is highly effective in gathering pre-program implementation, and post-program implementation, qualitative data concerning the opinions of a sampling pool regards to a given program etc. By utilizing a scaled response, this form of survey questionnaire will also help to evaluate the scale or intensity of the respondents opinions concerning a given program, due to the fact that an answer of one would indicate a low level of satisfaction with a given program or initiative, and an answer of five would indicate an extreme level of satisfaction with a given program or initiative. This methodology was also selected as an evaluation tool due to the fact that ...

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Patient Satisfaction Survey & Quality Control

The clinic administrator at Big City Clinic is concerned about two issues. One is a pressing issue of how to ensure the clinic is being responsible to its patients. Second, the physicians have mentioned that they are not getting as many new patients as they think they should, and the reasons are unclear. They believe that marketing might be the way to get more patients.

The administrator asks you to look into this problem. Before deciding what to do, the administrator decides he needs to know more about patient satisfaction surveys. Specifically, he asks you to address the following two questions using the Internet:


What is the usual content in a patient satisfaction survey?
What is the level of truthfulness in a patient satisfaction survey?
The administrator also asks you to make a recommendation based on your findings. Specifically, he wants to know whether a patient satisfaction survey should be implemented or if the clinic should simply start a marketing plan. Some of the physicians have argued that patient satisfaction surveys should be forgotten and marketing the clinic should be executed instead. They believe good marketing will satisfy both questions.

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