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    Define market research, identify different types

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    Uni Care Life & Health Insurance Company

    ? Write a paper in which you describe the importance of marketing research to Uni Care's Life & health organization's management team. In the paper address the following:

    o Define market research.
    o If your selected organization uses marketing research, identify the different types of marketing research it uses and describe the importance of that research to the organization.
    o If your selected organization does not currently use marketing research, describe the different types of marketing research that would be beneficial to the organization.

    Format your paper according to APA standards

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    UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company is an operating associate of WellPoint. It was assumed as the brand name for most WellPoint businesses obtainable exterior of California in 1995. The company is structured into Market Business Units (MBUs), each of which is planned as a full service organization that serves explicit customers (UniCare, 2006). Some of its MBUs function on a multi-state basis to hand out large employer group businesses. Other business units of the company have a more local concentration.

    As a national organization the company is functioning to bring quality health care plans and products. In addition to this, it offers an inclusive set of health care plans and products at competitive rates. The company's plans cover the health care needs of over 13 million members, and around 42.6 million peculiar members. The company is offering an extensive range of products that permit consumers to feel that they have direct over their own health care decisions. The company also offers an all-embracing range of specialty products, together with pharmacy, life, disability and behavioural health benefits.

    Market Research

    Market research espouses all the domains of marketing, right from the consideration for a new product to after sales service. The information which is gathered and analyzed with the help of marketing ...

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