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    Public Relations: NHL labor dispute (how to win back the fans)

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    I need your help answering this questions for the following case study:

    After a labor dispute, there is often an ill effect on fans of sporting events. The NHL has been on strike and missed an entire season. Your challenge is to win back hockey fans and try to make them forget all about the strike. (Let's assume the strike has been settleed)


    How will you build, excitement?

    You can focus on a single team (Ducks/Kings) or as an entire league

    Can you help me with this and also the answer to this case study will be used in an oral presentation, can you help me with this too.

    lTHANK YOU, your help is GREATLY appreciated..

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    "Another important issue is the system itself. Most of the fans are ready to come back if the problems are fixed. The union should agree to drop its opposition to salary caps as soon as possible."