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    NHL's New Jersey Devils - Marketing

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    Topic: New Jersey Devils (NHL) Hockey Team

    Current Mix:

    Product: NHL Hockey

    Price: $60 (approximately)

    Place: (IS Key): Currently, NJ Devils play hockey games at Continental Airlines Arena in Rutherford, New Jersey which is Suburbia New Jersey. There is no mass transit; however, does have a huge parking lot. Fans are allowed to have tailgating parties before the games in the parking lot for a $15 fee.

    Promotion: Current:Mostly corporate seats and kids. Customer base is from North Jersey.

    NEW MIX.

    Product: NHL Hockey

    Price: $60 - $70

    Place: Downtown Newark Arena in Newark New Jersey. Has Mass Transit, Lots of businesses, Tough Parking, NY/NJ Customer Base


    With the above aforementioned information, Need to maintain current customer base and determine who the new target markets might be or who should I target and how to sell the product/promote the NHL Team to them. Be CREATIVE AND DETAILED.

    ALSO, My New Promotional Strategy/Campaign needs to include the following include:

    1) One-line print Ad (Creative and Catch attention)

    What paper/magazine and why?

    2) 1 television or radio message

    Which station/time slot/Why? (Morning/Evening)

    Any other promos? If so, What? or How?

    *The entire promotional strategy must match marketing mix*

    Who are your competitors?

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    The first thing we need to do is look at the old mix vs, the new mix.

    The old mix was mostly corporate people and kids who attended the games. The corporate crowd probably attended with clients, and the kids were brought and picked up by their parents. Parking is a key factor here. It is also mostly people from NJ. It is more suburban.

    In the new mix, there is no parking, but there is public transportation. It is downtown, and attract people from NY and NJ. Since there is no parking lot, there will be no tailgating party.

    The first goal will be to make sure that people who attended games in Rutherford will still go to games in Newark. There are several reasons why they might not go:
    - far commute, given no parking
    - no tailgate party
    - more expensive

    So I believe that you will need to have one promotional strategy geared at these individuals

    1) Offer free shuttle bus service. If a person is coming from suburbia NJ, offer them free shuttle bus to the Newark stadium. This will solve the problem of how they would get there
    2) Have a promotion where is you can show one ticket from a Rutherford game, you will be charged the same price for admission. As well, you can have promotions specifically for people from NJ who would not attend in Newark if there was a price difference
    3) Since there are a lot of business near the Newark arena, you can organize a street party. Perhaps, close one street off to cars, and hold one large tailgate party. This could be done at special occasions, like the season opener, customer appreciation days... If it is a success, it could perhaps be held more often.
    4) Hold corporate specials - if a person would like to bring a client, you could organize a whole corporate area, where they have special seating, special food, drinks, bar tenders.. if the Newark arena is able to offer an ...

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