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    Strategic management: Describe the Culture at Devils Den

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    Case 21 - Dilemma at Devil's Den. Please respond to the following:

    Describe the Culture at Devils Den.
    Identify and discuss the drivers of unethical behavior at the Devil's Den.
    Discuss how the organization may go about changing its ethical standards?
    Discuss what Susan might do with her knowledge related to the freebies, favors to friends, and employee snacks?
    Discuss the fears about being a whistle blower and how it may impact an organization's ethical standards.

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    The current culture at the Devils Den is that there are no set boundaries for employees.

    According to Johnson (2004), "managers, workers, and even customers were allowed to remove inventoried food items without repercussions. This business sells food for profit. The losses incurred are rendering efforts for increased revenue negative.

    The drivers for unethical behavior in this organization include: Lack of leadership, Ineffective training, ineffective communication, No internal/ external consequences. The lack of leadership is seen in the way managers are selected for the position. Current and prior students are accustomed to having friends around and allow this to happen due to underlying friendships. The contracted management does not suffer losses because their job is not dependent on how the restaurant controlled; they are merely paid to be there. According to the case, the staff does not have set training standards or guidelines to abide by.

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    The expert describes the culture at Devils Den strategic management. The fears about being a whistle blower is examined.