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    Arbitration Analysis

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    Arbitration Analysis - 1 page

    Interest Arbitration Variants
    Final-offer Arbitration
    Results of Final-Offer Laws
    Arbitration and Maturing Labor Relations

    The above are various forms of arbitration available under state laws for public sector employees. Consider the benefits of each one. Prepare a chart listing each arbitration option in the first column and then the pros and cons in the next two columns (use attached document).

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    Interest Arbitration Variants It is an alternative to strikes Transfers an enormous amount of decision making to the arbitrator, a person who is unaccountable and unelected
    It brings finality to the bargaining process It divests city councils of the ultimate authority of how public funds are to be spent
    Once the arbitration award is made, parties know the conditions and terms for a specified time and are then able to return to work Results to more costly labor packages may at minimum create significant uncertainty in financial planning
    Bargaining disputes are decided by a neutral decision maker Protracted arbitration proceedings take a lot of time and costs a lot usually between $ 100000 to $ 200000 (Barsook, ...

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    This posting looks into arbitration. More specifically, it seeks to expound on the benefits of the different forms of arbitration and looks at the pros and cons of each.