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    Ideal situation for arbitration

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    * Would you please give me a detailed example of a description of a conflict that arbitration would be used.
    * Please explain why arbitration would be most appropriate to resolve the conflict and most effective in doing so.
    *Then please justify the choice of arbitration, that is, explain why you think the approach that you selected is the most appropriate and most likely to be effective.


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    Let us take the example of an exporter based in US that exports garments to a firm in France. The two parties enter into a conflict situation over quality of goods. The importer in France refuses to accept the shipment sent by exporter in USA. In such a situation, the two parties mutually agree to resolve the dispute via arbitration.

    Arbitration can serve as an appropriate mechanism to resolve the ...

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    250+ words, with a reference, outline a situation in which arbitration is the best conflict resolution method and explain what makes it that.