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    Labor Relations: Arbitration Analysis

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    There are different forms of arbitration available under state laws for public sector employees:

    1. Interest Arbitration
    2. Final Offer Arbitration

    Carefully consider the benefits of each one. Prepare a chart listing each arbitration option in the first column and then the pros and cons in the next two columns. Analyze which options you think would be optimal in your local community. Present your analysis with rationale and references as a 1 page paper.

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    Interest Arbitration would seem to be the best practice for my community. Being that there are many well established businesses in the area with a similar culture and work philosophy, it would seem that workers and management could find amicable solutions to most issues and establish a mature labor relationship. Interest arbitration would allow for some consideration to both parties issues which could help facilitate better negotiations as opposed to a final ...

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    Having interest arbitration as an option gives the flexibility needed in a collective bargaining environment to resolve issues when the parties involved are at an impasse. Also, interest arbitration will move the process along when there are cases they have extended their deadlines without moving forward toward a resolution. Another advantage is the ability for the union locals such as the fire and police departments to apply interest arbitration on issues where they cannot strike. This solution discusses this topic and includes a chart.