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    groups or subgroups in the Labor Relations process

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    # Apart from labor, management and the government, what are some of the other groups or subgroups that may be considered â??stakeholdersâ? and/or â??playersâ? in the Labor Relations process?

    # Give a justification for each of the additional groups or subgroups that you name.

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    The public: If the labor group in question is supplying a product or service directly to the public, going on strike not only cuts off income, but may lead the public to complain to the company, or to put pressure on the government to resolve or help resolve the dispute.

    Communities: Where a labor force makes up a large part of a particular community, they can be significant stakeholders in a negotiation, especially in the case of something like a plant closure.

    The media: How the media portrays a ...

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