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The Unionizing Process

You have worked in both union and non-union situations, so you're pretty well-versed in the unionizing process. Because Mildred Smit and Vice President Steve Zellner, have no experience in working with labor unions, your task is to provide them with information on the process and its impact on Busco. Using the Library and all other materials at your disposal, draft a 3-5 paragraph memo to Steve explaining the labor relations process and the phases in the labor relations process. Explain the impact this would have on Busco.

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The labor relations process concerns a single bargaining unit at an activity. When one or more unions show interest in organizing a group of employees, the labor relations process begins. It can be separated into three broad phases. The first phase is organization and recognition. The labor relations specialist (LRS) informs the management of the requirements of the labor relations program. He/She advises them on what kinds of union activities to expect and the ways that management should and should not react to these activities. The union organizers who are either employees and/or representatives of the union are also told to establish a cooperative relationship and to be able to organize suitable arrangements for organizing activities. The LRS ensures that there are equal privileges for all groups if requested and ensure that management does not interfere inappropriately with organizing activities to avoid possible unfair labor practice charges against the activity.

The union files a petition for exclusive recognition with the Assistant Secretary of Labor Management Relations. The LRS informs ...

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The solution explains the labor relations process and its phases. Also included and explained is the impact that it would have on Busco. References included.