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Twin Oaks Hospital Case

Please help me with question 2 only of the article: Twin Oaks Hospital Case.


2. As the Director of Twin Oaks' HR department, what recommendations would you make to James Bledsoe?

Consider recommending the following:

1. 5% pay increase immediately for nurses and clerical staff (like Lexington)
2. Establish a job evaluation based on the concept of comparable worth (like Lexington)
3. A pledge to base wage adjustments on the findings of the studies, phased in over the next 5 years (like Lexington, except phasing in over a 5-year period)

I think that Twin Oaks should be in line with Lexington's Memorial Hospital's pay rate; however, since comparable worth might increase the wage as much as 10% (Janet's report), and the concern about costs (Charley and David), phasing in over a 5 year period would take this into consideration. Asking Lexington's about their evaluation process will be cost efficient (Janet), as well forming groups of 6-10 people from each department to formulate appropriate questions to evaluate their jobs (Janet). Other companies have successfully introduced pay based on comparable worth (Janet), so I would not pay much attention to Charles' three concerns (e.g., men's wages might have to be reduced, men unionizing, and free market issues as an argument against comparable worth).

I hope this helps and take care.


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Based on the Twin Oaks Hospital and from the perspective of Director of Twin Oaks' HR department, this solution assists in making recommendations to James Bledsoe.