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Comparable Worth Debate and its Effects in Organizations

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Please assist in formulating a case analysis, while answering the questions.


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1) "Comparable Worth" basically means getting the same amount of pay for jobs of equal value in an organization. It should not be confused with the concept of "equal pay" which demands that individuals who perform the same exact duties with the same exact job titles get paid the same exact wages. In my opinion, comparable worth is certainly a legitimate strategy for determining job compensation. Although I do believe in the free market system, I also think that if an organization is going to put a certain value on a function, it should also put that same type of value on another function that is of equal importance to the organization. Comparable worth is a concept that is being currently debated in the courts. Many individuals have brought their employers to court in an attempt to sue for comparable worth, but have been unsuccessful because the criteria for the procedure are not yet quite clear. However, I believe that you get what you pay for. If an organization values a position, they will show it through their practices. Employees across the board would agree that there is no better way to show value and appreciation than through salaries and wages.

2. As the director of the HR department at Twin Oaks, I tell James Bledsoe that he should definitely consider the issue of comparable worth. This is for some very good reasons that involve legal and ethical ramifications, and the structure of the ...

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