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    Job Evaluation & Competency

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    Explain the point method of job evaluation and why it is problematic for firms concerning comparable worth.

    Describe how companies benefit from career planning and retirement planning programs

    Define reality shock. Explain how employers can prevent reality shock.

    Describe the elements of a competency-based pay plan.

    Please APA in text cite the information and reference

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    1. The point method of job evaluation is an a method in which each job is rated using the job evaluation instrument. The points for each factor are summed to form a total point score for the job. This method is more detailed, quantitative, and does an analytical evaluation of jobs. The compensable factors are identified and points are assigned for each degree of each factor.
    This method is problematic for comparable worth because there is subjectivity in initial grade table that cannot be eliminated. For comparable worth comparable skills and responsibility need to be assessed. Every employer knows that people who perform work that involves comparable skills and responsibilities should receive equal pay. This emerges from pay equity (1). However when using the point method, there is subjectivity in the determination of the type of jobs, selection of factors, construction of factor scales, and determining the relative value of each factor. This subjectivity makes it problematic for firms to ...

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