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    Eployee Relations

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    Professional Sports Lockout

    Select a labor lockout that has occurred in professional sports such as the NFL, NHL, or NBA. There were monetary issues as well as non-monetary issues that affected the lockout. Search for references and describe the key issues that led to the lockout. Be sure to describe issues from both the owners and players perspectives.

    What were the rule changes and the non-wage issues?
    Was the lockout ultimately good for the game? Why or why not?
    Was the lockout good for the players?
    Was the lockout good for the owners?
    Were the fans and other employees impacted

    Open Shop to Union Shop
    Choose an organization and based on reading or interviews with an employee from that organization, determine the level of union security.
    As you prepare your post, refer to your text for definition of the following terms: on page 41 in Chapter 2, open shop, and on pages 316â€"317 in Chapter 10, closed shop, union shop, modified union shop, agency shop, and maintenance of membership.
    Answer the following questions:

    What level of union security exists?
    How are seniority and job security handled?
    How are grievances managed?
    What about promotions, transfers, and layoffs?
    How are members of the organization hired?
    What about retirement programs?
    Is free riding an issue with this type of union?
    What are the differences in the levels of union security posted by your fellow classmates?

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    (one star means my comments, two stars are definitions that you would incorporate in your answers, and slash marks (/) are references to be put at the end of your paper)

    *This list of links should help you to answer all of the questions about he National Hockey League labor lockout of 2012-2013, in this portion of your assignment. Here is a definition of a labor lockout:

    **Labor Lockout: Industrial action during which an employer withholds work, and denies employees access to the place of work. In effect, it is a strike by the management to compel a settlement to a labor dispute on terms favorable to the employer. When lock out action is taken by several employers in concert, it is called a joint lockout. Also called shut out.

    / "Lockout" The Business Dictionary.com (2013) http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/lockout.html#ixzz2bOrUxizA

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    / ESPN.com News Services. "NHL unhappy with union response" (October 18, 2012) http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/8520950/nhl-calls-union-counteroffers-step-backward

    / Podell, Ira. "NHL lockout 2012: Mediator gets league, union back together" (January 5, 2013) Washington Times.com

    / Podell, Ira "Sides in NHL labor fight meet with mediator" (January 5, 2013) Washington ...

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