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    Hypothesis Testing in the article, Sekaran Research Process

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    Group Research and Case Analysis

    The assignments on research you have completed so far have taken you through a step-by-step process on how to develop and design formal research. In this capstone assignment, you will use all the knowledge and skills you have developed over the past weeks and apply it to a published research as part of a group activity.

    This assignment consists of a fully APA (6th ed.) formatted paper in which the group analyzes a recently published business research study (a group choice) selected from the academic literature. The group analysis should be framed against each and every one of the steps presented in the Sekaran (2003) research process and founded on the skills developed in previous assignments of this course.

    Click here to view the Sekaran diagram on the research process.

    The analysis itself should be a comparative assessment of how well the author (or authors) of the selected research have fulfilled (or not) each of the steps and sub-steps presented in figure 4.1 of the textbook (please note: it is highly recommended to review Chapters 4 through 6 in the Sekaran book for a refresher on the earlier research processes that have been covered in this course). The focus of the analysis should be on the research process, not as much on the research content itself. Be careful not to paraphrase what the author(s) has already stated in the published research. Again the analysis should be on assessing the adherence to the research process. Look at not only each step (and sub steps) but also how each step serves as a â??stepping stoneâ? for the next step. The interrelationships among the steps are also relevant to the analysis.

    The specific published research selected for the group project recently published (2001 or better) should contain the basic components of a formal research project (a literature review, statement of the problem, hypothesis or hypotheses, data collected and analyzed to test the stated hypothesis, etc.), preferably of a business related topic. The study can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed. Remember to include the source of the study as one of the citations in your fully APA formatted references section so your instructor can search and review, if necessary.

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    In the given study, the general principle for the research was to observe if there was a connection among an individual's intention to act in a definite manner, as opposed to their authentic behavior in a sales environment. Based on theory, an individual's intention to act in a definite manner serves as an immediate forecaster of all behaviors in query. Understanding the stimulus factors, which control behaviors, serves as indicators on how willing individuals are to make every effort, and the amount of effort each is willing to ultimately exercise to execute specific behaviors. To gain a better understanding of the outcome for behaviors within a new product-sales dynamic environment, hypotheses were assessed and measurements were evaluated (Fu et al., 2010).

    Within the context of the study, whereas consumers discover products principally from sales representatives, it is anticipated the performance-effort association is to be predominantly strong. When consumers face unknown innovative products, they are typically apprehensive of its declared benefits, disinclined to modify their buying activities, and reliant on a sales person for product data. Thus, committed and qualified sales associates supply the data required to lessen consumer confusion and utilize the most suitable promotion strategies to influence the ...

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