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Case Analysis of Research Articles

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Research and Case Analysis

This consists of 10-12 pages in which the group analyzes a recently published business research study (a group choice) selected from the academic literature. The analysis should be framed against each and every one of the steps presented in the Sekaran & Bougie (2010) research process and founded on the skills developed in previous assignments of this course.

The analysis itself should be a comparative assessment of how well the author (or authors) of the selected research have fulfilled (or not) each of the steps and sub-steps presented in figure 4.1 of the textbook.

The focus of the analysis should be on the research process, not as much on the research content itself. Be careful not to paraphrase what the author(s) has already stated in the published research. Again the analysis should be on assessing the adherence to the research process. Look at not only each step (and sub steps) but also how each step serves as a "stepping stone" for the next step. The interrelationships among the steps are also relevant to the analysis.

The specific published research selected for the project should be between 15-25 pages in length (please note: this is the scholarly article that your team will be critiquing), recently published (2003 or better) and contain the basic components of a formal research project (a literature review, statement of the problem, hypothesis or hypotheses, data collected and analyzed to test the stated hypothesis, etc.), preferably of a business related topic. The study can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed.

Scholarly Databases may be accessed in the Library. Suggestions are:

ABI Inform Global
Academic Search Premier
Business Source Premier

400-500 words and 3 references

You have been asked to speak on the topic of the impact of organizational culture on decision making to a group of executives. In a five to seven paragraph speech, discuss the following:

1. The impact of organizational culture on the decisions that would have to be made for your company.
2. What happens when an organization changes its strategy? Support your answers with specific examples.
3. What happens when two organizations with different cultures merge?
4. Support your answer with actual examples.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1659 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1659 words with references.

// Decision making process in e-commerce builds the foundation of the strategy in an organization. Research review helps in identifying the research process used by other authors in their research. Thus, in this context, we will select a research paper to review its various section especially the research methodology section.//

Part 1

The selected research paper is a detailed research study on the consumer decision making model in e-commerce. The research also explores various aspects that are considered by consumers while making decisions. It has also analyzed the role of trust and risk while making decisions. Whereas some customers see risk in online transactions, so they want to be complete convinced before making any online transaction. The research problem of this article completely defines the relationship of customer and online transactions. According to Kim (2008) the commerce related to internet business shows steady growth rate of 19% per year and known as a commonly used shopping mode among consumers. Consumers choose online shopping mode as the online services are available for 24 hours a day. There is no time prescribed for shopping (Kim, 2008).

Therefore, the research questions generated for conducting this study were given as:

'What are the roles of trust and risk in a consumer's B-to-C online purchasing decision?'
'Are they critical in B-to-C online transactions?'
'What antecedents can be identified that affect a consumer's trust and risk toward a B-to-C online transaction?'

The variables used in this research are consumer risk, trust, purchase decision, intention and benefit. These variables directly influence the decision making of a customer for online transactions. All these variables are related to electronic commerce and the data has been collected by focusing on these factors. These variables have direct and indirect relationships with the research problem.

//Conducting a survey is considered as an essential part of any research. It is highly important in the area of building hypothesis regarding the subject which ultimately leaves researcher to concentrate on the limited area. In this respect, the following section will throw light on relevance of survey for building hypothesis.//

The generation of hypotheses is an integral part of a study and the general hypotheses made for conducting this research is based on certain parameters. These parameters are Information quality (IQ); Privacy protection (PPP); Security protection (PSP); Presence of third-party seal (TPS); Site reputation (REP); Familiarity (FAM); Consumer disposition to trust (CDT); Consumer trust (TRUST); Perceived risk (RISK); Perceived benefit (BENEFIT); Intention to purchase (INTENTION).

The author has conducted a survey on online shoppers ...

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