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    The Bernard Madoff Case Research

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    Frauds are reported in local and national newspapers on an almost daily basis. Recently, we have heard much about the fraud committed by Bernard Madoff.

    Analyze his Fraud.

    Your discussion should:

    1) Describe and analyze how the fraud was executed;

    2) Identify and briefly discuss the role of the parties that were involved as perpetrators, accomplices, victims, tipsters, observers, etc. (preferably in a chart or illustration). [Include Jeffry Picower];

    3) Assess the motives (or possible motives, if not reported) of each perpetrator;

    4) Identify controls that might have deterred or prevented the fraud from occurring;

    5) Discuss any involvement of the SEC;

    6) Document how the fraud was discovered/investigated, including what should have been identified as "red flags" ;

    7) Discuss the resolution of this case.

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    The Bernard Madoff case research is examined. The expert discusses any involvement of the SEC and the resolution of the case.