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    Justifying E-Learning Programs

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    As future principals and instructors of adults one will be placed in the position of justifying money and time spent on e-learning programs. It will be our job to educate adults on the worthiness of such programs. Whether you are addressing the school board, superintendent, taxpayers, parents, or faculty, how do you approach justifying curriculums for online training? What methods do you use to convince skeptics that an e-learning program and its curriculum are worthy?

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    In order to convince skeptics that an e-learning program and its curriculum are worthy, they need to understand the benefits of distance education. E-learning is a very popular option in education and is responsible for countless adults receiving an education who would have not had the opportunity to do so because of adult responsibilities and/or living too far from a college campus. If distance learning is implemented in the correct way, it can produce tremendous results with educating students, decreasing costs associated with education, and improve performance.

    Students who enroll in distance education courses are not bound by geography or time, which means that students have the freedom to attend classes when they can and be part of a group that is spread around the globe. This, in turn, ...

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    The expert justifies e-learning programs. The methods used to convince skeptics that an e-learning programs and its worthy curriculum are determined.