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Online Learning Platforms

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What factors should be taken into consideration when determining what learning platform should be utilized? Why?

What are the legal issues, ethical issues, learning tools, instructional methods, content, or context that needs to be considered? Why are they important?

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Part 1: Factors for choosing a learning platform:

Can be divided into three groups of factors:
I: Pedagogical factors:
What is the Institutional philosophy
Striving for diversity?
Community-oriented? Team oriented?
What is the level of Openness of faculty for:
Learning to teach and manage classes in new ways
Relinquishing some control for materials development
Experimenting with the technology?

Learning platforms should be chosen for :
Pedagogical factors are important to decide whether the learning platform can be used for
Setting student expectations and fitting platform's "robustness" to program's needs, maintaining learners' engagement and connectedness and preventing and/or managing communications challenges
There should be an awareness of drawbacks such as:
Heightened potential for misunderstanding
Meaning of silence not apparent (faculty and students)
Limited mechanisms for conflict management

II: Academic factors:
What is the desired similarity of curriculum to other programs in the school
Course units/credits
Core curriculum; electives?
Accounting for contact ...

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