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Organizational Strategy - GE Capital

Evaluate the current strategy of GE Capital organization and apply theory to examine how the strategy was formed. Leverage practitioner data to evaluate current mistakes and gaps in the strategy to prepare for strategic recommendations for improvement.

1. Describe the background information about the organization, including the current mission, vision, and values.

2. Evaluate the theoretical foundations through which the organization's current strategy was formed.

3. Evaluate and apply appropriate practical approaches to discover an organization's current strategy. Provide justification for the approaches you used and the sources of evidence you evaluated. Include the following elements of the strategy or explain how it is a gap within the current strategy as it applies:

- Finances.
- Sales.
- Marketing.
- Talent development.
- Competition.
- Diversification.
- Quality assurance.
- Competitive advantages.

4. Evaluate the use of organizational learning and knowledge management in the organization and how the approach impacts the current strategy.

5. Provide a thorough explanation justifying the amount of evidence, both scholarly research and company data, you used to conduct your evaluation.