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    Anticipating Change: GE

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    Based on information obtained at GE's web site, anecdotal information, and personal experience, you are to:

    Describe the artifacts you find or recall that define the culture.
    Indicate what these artifacts reveal to you about the shared values and basic assumptions of the organization you selected.

    839 words plus references

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 839 words with references.

    //In this paper, we will discuss about a multinational corporation named General Electric. We will also explain about the artifacts that define the culture of an organization. The paper will be helpful in learning about GE culture and its shared values. The paper will also include artifacts that reveal the basic assumptions of GE. //

    "General Electric" is a well known American multinational corporation that operates in energy infrastructure, NBC Universal, Technology infrastructure, consumer and industrial segment and capital finance. It can be the best example for explaining the artifacts, shared values and basic assumptions of the organization. The artifacts are the visible and tangible aspects of an organization that are very helpful in defining the culture of an organization. There are several types of artifacts such as physical manifestations, language, technology, tradition, values, etc., which are found while analyzing the organization culture. The culture acts as an import asset in the success of an organization as it helps in increasing the business performance of the organization. The sum total of organization's customs, traditions, values, norms, guidelines, etc. is referred to as organizational culture (Hofstede, 2001).

    The culture of organizations differ from each other because the beliefs, values, customs, etc. of the organizations are different ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 839 words with references.