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    Directions of Causality (Anxiety and Depression)

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    If anxiety and depression are correlated, what three possible directions of causality might explain this correlation? Please explain.


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    Hi there,

    The three possible directions of causality that may explain the correlation between anxiety and depression are as follows:

    1. Anxiety causes depression.

    2. Depression causes anxiety.

    3. Something else causes both depression and anxiety.

    If we think about the variables anxiety and depression as X and Y, the causality statements would look like this:

    1. X causes Y.

    2. Y causes X.

    3. Something else causes both X and Y.

    Please be aware that correlation ...

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    This solution outlines the three possible direction of causality for two specific variables (anxiety and depression). An example is included to outline the differences between correlation and causation. 315 words.