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Psychology of Learning

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Please explain the concept of learned helplessness. Many of you work in environments were you may see the impact of learned helplessness. What are some of the consequences that might result from learned helplessness? Provide an example of a situation that might lead to an individual displaying this helplessness-like phenomenon.

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This solution discusses the concept of learned helplessness

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Learning helplessness may be defined as a difficulty to learn a new operant response after being exposed to uncontrollable aversive stimuli (Hunziken & Santos, 2007). Based on the original Learning helplessness model, when people first learn that their experiences are beyond their control, they generalize this belief to all new situations (i.e. that all other events will be uncontrollable). Research concerning the concept of learned helplessness has been conducted on both human and animal subjects conducted to show helplessness in various tasks such as problem-solving, intelligent tests and escape learning. discriminant learning and escape learning (Peterson, 1993). According to Peterson, the helplessness model has been utilized in efforts to assess difficulties associated with a number of failures including depression, academic failure, and poor work performance.

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