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    Asperger's Syndrome

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    -Describe the impact and effects of psychopathology on family functioning; how would a diagnosis of asperger's on one family member affect the functioning of the couple or family as a whole?
    -Identify the main symptoms a therapist might observe in a child with this Axis I diagnosis of asperger's syndrome; this would include direct observation of the client in sessions, client self-report, or reports from others in the client's life (teacher, family member, physician, and so on).just identify the general symptoms that therapists might expect to see within this diagnosis.

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    Studies provide evidence that suggests parental psychopathology is related to childhood disorders. Moreover,fFamily functioning is linked to child psychopathology in studies involving both paternal and maternal parents. For example, children of mothers with anxiety disorders have been shown to be at greater risk for developing the disorder (Cobham, Dadds, & Spence as cited in Victor Bernat, Berstein, & Layne, 2007; Victor et al., 2007). In their study, Moss, Lynch, Hardie, & Baron (2002) found that "children of fathers with substance dependence and antisocial personality disorder show higher externalizing and internalizing psychopathology from fathers who had substance dependence disorder, but not antisocial disorder) (P. 608). Moreover, paternal substance dependence disorder, antisocial personality states and the child's affiliation with deviant peers were significantly associated with child's psychopathology.

    These studies indicate that childhood disorders are linked to such issues as: (a) problematic relationships, (b) parental control, and (c) parental rejection (Roper, 1997 as cited in Victor et al., 2007). Further, Cobham et al., 1998 as cited in Victor et al, 2007) examined the relation between parental anxiety and treatment outcomes. They found that anxious children with one or more anxious parents showed less improvement following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) therapy.

    ? How would a diagnosis of Asperger's Disorder on one family member affect the ...

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    This solution describes the impact of psychopathology on families, specifically Asperger's Syndrome.