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    Childhood Disorders: Autism and Asperger's

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    Autistic disorder and Asperger's disorder are among the most pervasive mental disorders of childhood. Although children and adolescents diagnosed with either Autism or Asperger's possess impairments in the use of nonverbal behaviors, such as eye contact and/or gestures, each disorder outlines distinct and separate criteria for diagnosis—especially in the areas of communication and language (APA, 2000, p. 70). As a future professional in the field, you might seek a variety of resources to ensure that the child or adolescent, as a member of a vulnerable population, receives the most appropriate level of care for assessment and diagnosis.

    For this Discussion, consider the different criteria between a diagnosis of Autism and a diagnosis of Asperger's within children and adolescents. Also, think about how symptoms of other childhood disorders might complicate a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger's.

    With these thoughts in mind:

    Give an explanation of the difference between the criteria for diagnosis of Autism and the criteria for the diagnosis of Asperger's.

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    Autism and Asperger's are slightly the same but are totally different. Asperger's is a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, but Asperger's is usually for the children and teens that are somewhat more social. Asperger's children can attend school in a regular classroom, but they will need some alternatives made to the classroom so that they will not become too distracted at times. They are usually on medications like Adderall to help them focus while in school. If the child or teen is only Autistic they are usually in their own worlds and are not very social and like to keep to ...

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    An essay describing similarities and differences between Asperger's and Autism.