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    Casual Factors for Autism

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    1). What do you think are some of the causal factors for autism that might explain its increase in diagnosis?

    2). Do you feel the causal factor is both physiological and psychological? Why?

    3). Do we know which DNA has predispositions?

    4). According to authors such as Palmieri & Persico (2010), mitochondrial dysfunction is a causal factor that not only triggers the disorder but also impacts the extent to which prenatal factors will further debilitate neurological development. Do you really think its a mitochondria dysfunction or is it just a way for scientist to distract the public by giving information that they aren't sure about the answer to the question?


    Palmieri, L. & Persico, A. (2010). Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders: Cause or effect? Bioenergetics, 1797(6-7), 1130-1137. DOI: 10.1016/j.bbabio.2010.04.018.

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    I think there are many casual factors that may contribute to the increase in autism diagnosis. One of these may be that women are focusing more on their careers and having kids later in life. Older mothers have been said to have an increased likelihood of having children with autism. However, what I believe is one of the most significant factors that have contributed to the "rise in autism" is an increased awareness. In the last ten years there have been huge efforts to raise autism awareness. As a result, I believe that autism is not on the rise as much as we think it is (maybe a little due to other factors) but that doctors, parents, educators, service providers, etc. are more aware of it so it is getting identified more frequently and much earlier. Science has also discovered that there is an autism spectrum and kids that may have not been ...

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    This solution discusses some possible factors that contribute to the rise in autism diagnosis.