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    Autism and Health Promotion

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    The two core competencies in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention are:
    1) Assessing the behavioral, social and cultural determinants of health and their impact on the health status of populations.
    2) Proposing public health policies and programs that are collaborative, culturally appropriate, and which address the causes of health problems.

    How can either competency be used in the study or to address the problem of Autism?

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    Autism is a difficult disorder to elucidate causes and influences of. In order to understand it's causes, influences, determinants and develop strategies to deal with the disorder, we must take a holistic approach to the disorder. As a result, studying behavioral, social and cultural determinants may lend some clues as to the true causes of the disorder.

    For example, there once was a theory that non-affectionate mothers were the cause of autistic behaviors in children. This was later disproved as a cultural and social determinant, but this result is equally important to recognize. It suggests that although all mother-child relationships are important, autism may not be as heavily affected strictly by the bond of mother and child. The disproving of a heavily environment, relationship-based etiology would lend weight to research trying to identify genetic ...

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    Autism and health promotions are examined. How either competency is used in the study to address the problem of Autism is determined.