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    Autism Spectrum Disorders and Mental Retardation

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    Autism Spectrum Disorders and Mental Retardation
    Discuss the impact of this type of disabilities on a person's quality of life.
    Discuss the impact on family and caregivers.

    Please include references. Thank you.

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    I. Autism Spectrum Disorders and Mental Retardation

    The following definitions have been proposed:

    (1) "Autism Spectrum Disorder" or "ASD" means a pervasive developmental disorder described by the American Psychiatric Association or the World Health Organization diagnostic manuals as: Autistic disorder, Atypical autism, Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified; or a special education classification for autism or other disabilities related to autism. (1)

    (2) "Mental Retardation" means a condition marked by an intelligence quotient of less than or equal to 70 on the most recently administered psychometric test (or for infants, a clinical judgment of significantly subaverage intellectual functioning) and concurrent deficits or impairments in adaptive functioning in at least two of the following areas: communication, self-care, home living, social and interpersonal skills, use of community resources, self-direction, functional academic skills, work, leisure, health, and safety. This condition must have its onset before age 18 years. (1)

    II. Discuss the impact of this type of disabilities on a person's quality of life.

    The autism spectrum disorders can often be reliably detected by the age of 3 years, and in some cases as early as 18 months. Poor social skills impact a person's quality of life e.g. poor eye contact, doesn't seem to know how to play with toys, excessively lines up toys or other objects, is attached to one particular toy or object, doesn't smile and at times seems to be hearing impaired. These social symptoms present early in life. Babies usually gaze at people, turn toward voices, grasp a finger, and even smile. In ...

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    This solution describes Autism Spectrum Disorders and Mental Retardation. It also discusses the impact of these disabilities upon a person's quality of life as well as the impact upon family members and caregivers. Research is also provided to validate these claims.