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Multifactorial Traits and Genetic Disorders

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Select a genetic disorder caused by a single-gene trait that is multifactorial. Explain how your chosen genetic disorder is influenced by the environment.

Select two diseases—one with high heritability and one with low heritability—and describe the genetic components of the diseases. In your opinion, do the individuals who inherit these diseases have a high mortality, or death, rate? Why?

Autism has been widely debated and discussed in recent years. Many researchers argue that autism is a genetic disorder, while others debate that autism is a result of environmental influences.

Rates of autism have been on the rise in the United States since 1990. Do these findings support the claim that the disease has a genetic basis? If so, how? If not, why not?
Can environmental influences explain these findings? Why or why not?

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Multifactorial Traits
Select a genetic disorder caused by a single-gene trait that is multifactorial. Explain how your chosen genetic disorder is influenced by the environment.

A genetic disorder that is caused by a single gene trait that is multifactorial is Breast cancer. First of all, let define multifactorial inheritance known as complex or polygenic inheritance. Multifactorial inheritance disorders are caused by a combination of environmental factors and mutations in multiple genes. The alleles that are susceptible to breast cancer include the BRCA1/2 mutations and other alleles. Some of the genes that can increase the risk of breast cancer are the CYP1A1 P450 gene, Glutathione S-Transferases, N-acetyltransferase, and androgen receptor. CYP1A1 encodes acrl hydrocarbong hydroxylase that is the primary catalyst in the conversion of estradiol to hydroxylate estrogen. A reduced estrogen exposure is protective against breast cancer and an increase estrogen exposure can increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) constitute a family of genes that encode for enzymes that catalyze conjunction of reactive chemical intermediates to soluble glutathione conjugates. There are four classes that can cause breast cancer.
Breast cancer can be influenced by the environment by exposure to cigarettes smoking. Smoking and ...

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This solution of 856 words defines the concepts and processes of genetic disorders and multifactorial inheritance. It also discusses genetic disorders such as breast cancer, bipolar disorder, and autism.

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