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    public speaking tips

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    Many people (even professionals) experience anxiety before giving speeches. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to overcome it. This solution offers ideas for ways to relax and reduce anxiety before you give a speech.

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    Fear of public speaking is very common, among both students and professionals. There are many reasons why it occurs, and they are psychological (for example, you might worry that you will make a mistake) as well as physical (for example, your body reacts to being in an unfamiliar setting by becoming tense). If you experience anxiety before you give a speech, there are a number of things that you can do to decrease it.

    - The first step is to realize that anxiety is normal. It may even be beneficial, because the "adrenaline rush" that it causes can give you energy, alertness, and enthusiasm - all of which make you a more dynamic speaker.

    - If you have the option to choose your speech topic, select a topic that you are interested in and can feel excited to speak on. When you are truly interested in what you are saying, you are less likely to focus on your nervousness - and more likely to deliver a good speech.

    - Before you write your speech, find out as much as you can about ...

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