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    Analyze your Communication Skills: Other Cultures, Demographics, Co-Workers, and Students

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    Write a short analysis of your communication skills in interacting with those from other cultures and demographics. For instance how well do you communicate with co-workers or students who are considerably older than you, or considerably younger? What about the disabled, foreign speaking populations, and the opposite gender? Consult with co-workers or family members and ask for their honest assessment of your communication skills. Be open and consider how to improve in the areas needing it.

    Prepare two tip sheets, one general and one personalized for you, using your analysis of your communication skills. Each tip sheet will consist of 15 to 20 tips, and the tips must be stated in complete sentencing. Outline suggestions for your future use in utilizing effective communication techniques with diverse demographics and different cultural groups in the workplace.

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    I am generally able to get my point across to people of many backgrounds. I do not make assumptions based on ethnic background or culture. I like to hear what others have to say, even when their views are different from mine. I possess excellent communications skills in providing explanations or directions for others on how to do something. I am patient and open to questions others may have within a conversation or presentation. While I come across as being confident when I speak, others are often not aware that I may be nervous or apprehensive. Sometimes this apprehension or anxiety causes me to ramble a bit. Others have made the comment that I occasionally tend to speak too much.

    While I come across as being confident when speaking and communicating with others, I have been told that I can appear to talk above others or use vocabulary that others are unfamiliar with. This can make others feel inferior at times. I must learn to tailor my speaking or presenting skills to address the varied educational levels of my audience. Because I possess excellent teaching and instructional skills, I should be able to make the same considerations in personal conversations with others or with groups of others that I make for my adult learners in the classroom.

    I enjoy speaking with older adults and tend to address them very formally. Often they appreciate this and I believe that they will let me know if they prefer a less formal tone, upon being addressed. I like to hear about the experiences of older co-workers, in order to gain further insights into attitudes or processes that may be helpful in my work. I have quite a bit of interest in the differences in cultural backgrounds. I show genuine interest in the backgrounds of others, by asking questions about customs and beliefs, which may be applied in the professional setting. ...

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