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How to Overcome Fear In Public Speaking

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Does anyone have any neat strategies they use to overcome fear, which is the most common problem in public speaking? What about tips for organization in speech making?

Also, what types of skills are involved in "oral presentation" and how does it relate to writing and the writing process?

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The solution discusses how to overcome fear in public speaking.

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Your question concerning strategies for dealing with fear and nervousness when giving an oral presentation is a common one. It's actually okay to be a little nervous in a situation such as this a little adrenaline actually helps your overall performance. Fortunately, though, there are many things you can do to overcome this uncomfortable feeling.

Here are a few:
- Smile! When you appear relaxed, comfortable, and friendly, your audience will respond in kind.
- Confess that you are a little nervous. This vulnerability helps your audience be sympathetic to you (and your presentation).
- Remember to breathe, slowly and deeply. This will help control any trembling that you may notice in your hands and voice.
- Be prepared. This will give you more ...

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