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Assessing Yourself as a Leader and Plans to Improve

1. Asses the type of leader you are
- Charismatic leader
- Transformation leader
- Given a situation task-oriented

2. What is the leadership theory or theories supporting your plan
- Relationship
- Participative
- Situational Theories

3. What are your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and what you will do to capitalize on your strengths and modify your weaknesses?
- Strengths: Visionary, self-discipline, building relationships and motivating others
- Weakness: public speaking, self-confident

4. Are there gaps between the leader you are now and the leader you would like to become? Are they:
- Not self-assertive
- Lack of speaker skills
- Risk-averse due to fear of failure

5. Action items you will realistically implement to close gaps between the leader you are now and the leader you would like to become.

6. A realistic implementation timeline for each action item on your plan

7. Discussion of how you will actually use your plan to impact your leadership, your followers, and your organization. Discuss how you will assess and modify your plan to ensure you are on track.

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First, I shall analyze the type of leader I am. My leadership style is a transformational leadership style. I am capable of developing a vision; take a view of the future that gives a lift to my followers. I have the capacity to uplift my followers and they cherish the experience they have had with me. I have a passion for the things I do and the passion rubs onto my followers. I am good at leading and building teams; my assessment score in team building is 102. I have the ability to select the right type of persons for my team. I can plan teams and can motivate them to achieve their goals. I can ensure that every person gets involved in the team activity. I can co-ordinate and motivate team members and I can debrief the members so that I can get a good idea about the situation and what the team members feel about the task at hand.

My leadership style is such that I have a high concern for people and I have an equally high concern for task. In the assessment my score for "concern for people" is 8 and my score for "concern for task" is 12. In particular I show care for people, I am polite and have respect for others. When leading a team, I have am supportive, value diversity in the team and have an open door approach. On the other hand I have a high concern for the actual task at hand and I try to ensure that people who follow the task complete the task. I sometimes exercise my authority to get the task completed.

My preferred conflict-handling style is collaborating and compromising. My assessment score for collaborating is 20 and for compromising are also 20. I share my planning with team members; I encourage joint decision making, problem solving, and goal setting and encourage working together. In addition, I assume responsibilities, communicate with the team members and coordinate the activities of the team members. When required, I encourage joint work, cooperation and collegiality. During my college days, I led an information systems team from my school to do a joint project with students of another college. The project was successful. When collaboration is not possible and there is a deadlock, I adopt the strategy of compromising to achieve a solution. I agree to give up something to get something else that I need. I have negotiated from the standpoint of my team and have been able to secure a good bargain.

My reflective personal leadership development plan is to use my course learning for developing a personal leadership development plan. ...

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